How to Turn on Google SafeSearch for PC and Android

Internet is full of information a place to be to extract relevant information, especially when it comes to daily consumption. There is more to this space than what meets the eye,  with the dangerous content which is easily available. There are times that many undesirable searches become the part of your search history which includes the part of your online profile data.

Google sometimes offers a lot of different objectionable content can be stored in your data especially when you are using the search engine. One of the easiest ways to make sure that you have the right search content is by switching your safe search feature on. Here are some ways that will you to be safe when you are searching for various different content.

Filtering search content on PC

Start by accessing your google account, by opening your main Gmail page. Tap on your profile photo in the top right-hand corner, select the google account tab which is highlighted in a light blue colour. Here, click on ‘data and personalisation’ on the top left corner. This will redirect you to a different page that keeps track of the data. Now scroll down and enter into  the ’General preferences’ where you can click on search settings. After this, you will be taken back to your Gmail profile which controls the number of filtering options subjected to your internet searches. This where you can click on the ‘Turn on Safe Search’  on top of the page.

After which you need to scroll down to make sure that you are saving the changes that you just made. A tiny window will open and allow you to confirm your new preference, click ‘ok’ and proceed to save. If you want the Safe search lock in your PC, you need to make sure that you click on ”Lock Safe Search” and follow it up with confirming your identity by asking you to turn your Google account.

Filtering search content on Android

If you have chrome, you need to go back to your Google account on your chrome browser. Scroll the ‘data and personalise’ section when you can opt for the ‘search setting menu’. Here you can click on your ‘filter explicit’ content results will appear on the screen click ‘OK’ and later save the changes you have made.

Through the google app, start by opening the app and from the bottom right, tap on the’ more option’ which looks like three dots on top of each other, and go to settings. You need to scroll down and get to the ‘safe search’ option; now you can manually switch on the safe search feature only with a touch or a click.

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