Blocking Gmail
Blocking Gmail

Everyone’s Favorite Communists the Chinese are Blocking Gmail

Reuters and other media are reporting that Google’s Gmail is allegedly being blocked by the Chinese government.

China reportedly started cracking down on internet access to foreign companies deemed to be involved in un-Chinese activities including revolution and overthrow of it’s government.

This isn’t Google’s first foray into assisting insurrection in foreign countries.  One only need to refer to Egypt and Google’s very own Wael Ghonim.

No matter how much as an American I might disagree with a foreign country’s laws and standards, I have no right to advocate or assist insurrection and overthrow of their foreign government.  As a corporation, Google is afforded no additional rights or privileges to do this either.

Does Google truly wonder why countries with views opposing the United State’s imperialist posture want Google to get out of their country?

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