Larry Page, World’s Biggest Pirate Ship Operator

Larry Page the book scanning pirate with co-captain Marissa Mayer Arrgh!

Google Books previously known as the theft ring called Google Print is the creation of Google co-founder Lawrence Page.

Page began feverishly photographing and scanning many books, while forgetting to consult with publishers or authors, claiming his addiction was for the betterment of libraries and mankind.

Marissa Mayer, a senior Google official was involved in the first scanning theft performing the job of page turner for Page.

You can read Google’s self righteous account of this project’s history.  Oddly, the history lesson ends at 2007.  Perhaps that’s when publishers and authors began suing Google in earnest?

Who needs Android and Googlebots to steal content when you have Google’s top brass operating the counterfeiting copy machine?

Google is rumored to be scanning over 3,000 books a day by one account.  They now have in excess of 12 million books scanned.

What’s next?  Counterfeiting valuable works of art? Picasso anyone?

Aye matey, that’s one big stash of pirate booty.


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