Matt Cutts
Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts – Tell Your Wife I Want My Cookies

Earth to Matt Cutts, come in Matt Cutts…

Will the human formerly known as Matt Cutts please find his integrity and stop selling us lies that Google is doing the right thing and not employing preferential filters and rank effecting lists?  Please Matt, stop allowing yourself to be the public pawn, it’s going to end badly.

I have something else for you Matt, something that falls solely on your lap or at least it use to, SafeSearch filtering.  It’s your baby, you supposedly wrote the filter, originally.

Google says about SafeSearch, we aim to:

Provide parents and teachers with tools to help them choose what content their children see online

Offer tips and advice to families about how to stay safe online

Work closely with organizations such as charities, others in our industry and government bodies dedicated to protecting young people

According to Google:

SafeSearch is designed to screen sites that contain sexually explicit content and remove them from your search results. While no filter is 100% accurate, SafeSearch helps you avoid content you may prefer not to see or would rather your children did not stumble across.

By default, Moderate SafeSearch is turned on, which helps keep explicit images out of your search results. If you prefer you can change your setting to Strict filtering to help filter out explicit text as well as images. You can modify your computer’s SafeSearch settings by clicking on Search settings at the top right of the Google homepage. published two pieces earlier this month clearly showing Google can’t filter rather simple things (since the algorithm change, the dreaded Panda).

Google’s definition of affection

Google’s definition of affection?

In “Google has no Affection, nor does it know the Meaning”  we drew light on Google’s select word usage to query webmasters about the algorithm change. We ended with an illustration of Google not knowing the meaning of the word affection and a visual example of public display of pornography in image search for ‘affection’, bad beer, insulated beer holder, phallic prosthetic and all.  Ironically, our image, which was taken from Google Images has replaced the original in Google’s Image search for: affection. How ironic.

In “How Stupid is Google” we displayed a simple query of Google’s search for: how stupid is Google.  The results with STRICT filtering on included two different sites on the first page that used the F— word. Ironically, our F word included account of these two F-bombed search results, now also appears on the first page of results, a trio of child unfriendly pages.

Matt is looks like you need to head back to the control deck at the GooglePlex and get to coding. Search is broken, images are broken, filtering misses the F-word with strict search on,  content farms have taken over search for every thing, small honest sites are dying.  You folks are killing the web and your own credibility.

Now, Matt, Mr. Porn Cookie Guy, let the wife know I earned my cookies.

Matt Cutts, Where are My Cookies?


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