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Buying links for SEO – A Nomadic Journey

Most digital nomads begin small, mostly staying indoors in a cubicle or a small office with a micromanager. For most, some booze, valium, and Netflix provide some relief, especially after long hours of being stuck in front of a PC screen. This is a significant fraction of digital nomads. The other percentage breaks free and enjoy a flexible yet rewarding lifestyle doing what they love. If you are still in the cubicle fold and thinking of how SEO freelancing can help you be a digital nomad, read on.

Who is a Digital Nomad?

Digital nomads are people who leverage the internet to earn a living and lead their lives in a nomadic manner. Most digital nomads typically work remotely, from either foreign countries, public libraries, recreational vehicles, coffee shops, or co-shared working spaces to complete the goals that initially were done from a stationary workplace.

In the last few years, earning opportunities from the internet has been on the rise. Currently, there thousands of paid freelance work for SEO experts, designers, salespeople, marketers and event organizers among others. For all, the physical presence of an office is not a must.

Online jobs typically pay less compared to fixed location jobs. This is why most digital nomads opt to live in places with low costs of living. One such place is Southeast Asia, which offers fast internet, exotic culture, amazing tropical weather, and low cost of living. Eastern Europe is another favorite place for digital nomads for the same reasons. To graduate from a cubicle freelancer to a digital nomad, you should find a remote job that pays well to fund your travel costs, thirst for adventure, and basic requirements.

How Do Digital Nomads Make Money?

The majority of digital nomads are freelancers with various types of occupations. However, strict freelance writers and copywriters may not pay enough to fund these travel trips. However, SEO is the best thing to do as a digital nomad. Several agencies offer full-time remote projects for experienced persons. However, to be a full digital nomad, you should begin by finding well-established clients with regular and good-paying jobs.  I was fortunate to find a site that taught me how I could buy backlinks to manipulate search engines in Google.  This turned out to be the best thing I could have ever found because it got me a solid way to make money online.

Fortunately, the internet is an amazing equalizer. It makes it possible for enthusiasts working inside Karachi to compete equally with well-groomed individuals from Manhattan. Besides, it enables those with no working experience to develop their resume and get hired.  Now, google themselves says they don’t like people buying links, but honestly… who was I to care.

The entire process of succeeding is quite lengthy. However, simply put, you should create a website, have some articles published online, and develop good relationships with the publishers. You can as well consider guest blogging in other high-traffic and high-authority websites with backlinks to your website. Clients will always find their way to your website through backlinks. If they are looking for a freelancer matching your nature, they will certainly make contact.

The Bottom Line

The surefire way to moving from your cubicle freelancing to being a digital nomad basically relies on finding good paying clients with regular projects. It is through this that you can afford to fund your digital lifestyle. As mentioned, this involves marketing your services through backlinks and other online strategies, including social media platforms, and working with agencies.

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